Anelixis Constructions Private Company, lead by Mantzouranis Athanasios, was founded by a group of professionals that have run a long and remarkably successful course in the industrial design, maintenance and constructions field, throughout Greece and abroad. The company provides engineering, procurement, construction and MRO services for the conventional and notably for the petrochemical and energy industries.

In Anelixis, our vision is to establish ourselves, in Greece and neighboring countries, as the most valuable partner of industrials, achieving sustainable development for all stakeholders. Our mission is, not only to immediately respond to everyday industrial challenges, but to foresee and address them a priori. Completing our mission entails uncompromising commitment to our core values: quality, safety, cost-efficiency and dependability. These values constitute lighting beacons in all levels of operations, whether we undertake projects that concern small scale interventions or turnkey contracts.


Anelixis Constructions operates in the full spectrum of mechanical and industrial projects and undertakes any work related to the design, construction, procurement, maintenance, repair and overhaul of industrial equipment and sites

• Application design and study
• Installation ,restoration of site
• Foundations & Civil works
• Steel Structures and machinery
• Industrial buildings
• Equipment construction and installation (pressure vessels, heat exchangers, furnaces etc)
• Pipelines for petroleum ,natural gas, chemical and utilities
• Pressure Equipment and skid based units
• Prefabrication and erection of tanks
• Instruments calibration and installation
• Painting ,Insulation and sand blasting
• Electrical installations
• Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up procedures
• Scheduled and preventive maintenance
• Repairs and reliability engineering
• TURNAROUND projects


Anelixis Constructions Private Company is seated at the commercial center of Thessaloniki, where the financial and administrative services are housed. Production facilities, which cover 2000 m2 in total, are established both near the HE.LPE refinery in Thessaloniki and near the MOTOR OIL refinery in Corinth. The company employs 67 people on a permanent basis, but the number of partners and employees fluctuates depending on contractual needs.


  • Specialized personnel 40% (certified welders, fitters, crane operators etc)
  • Higher education graduates 17%
  • 52% are aged under 40
  • 23% are non Greeks
  • 9.5% are women
  • 1 Female Director, 1 Female certified welder and 1 female tower crane operator!


Anelixis Constructions undertakes diverse projects, yet has managed to establish strong competitive advantage in the construction and maintenance of tanks and piping. We are the annual contractor for tank repair and maintenance for MOTOR OIL SA and our leading team has worked in critical positions in some of the most important projects in Greece and the Balkans.

Indicative projects are listed below:

  • Annual Contractor for repair and maintenance works in tanks 2014-2017 at MOTOR OIL refinery
  • SHUT DOWN works for unit U100 at MOTOR OIL refinery.
  • Furnace replacement of the Η-4701 heater at MOTOR OIL refinery.
  • Pipeline replacement in the refinery units at MOTOR OIL refinery
  • Construction of tank T2603 (20m diameter) at MOTOR OIL refinery
  • Lines replacement in the lubricant units at MOTOR OIL refinery
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of heat exchangers in different units of the MOTOR OIL refinery
  • Piping, Painting & Insulation works in new CCR UNIT at the HEL.PE Thessaloniki Refinery
  • Design, Procurement and Construction of heat & power combine cycle plant in Serres, Greece for ITA SA
  • Construction of tank 2.000m3 (ΑΡΙ 650 ) for GREENHOUSE DRAMA S.A
  • Construction of underground pipeline Thessaloniki - Skopje
  • Construction of pump station for pipeline Thessaloniki - Skopje
  • Conversion of tank 5000m3 for asphalt storage in JUGOPETROL , Montenegro
  • Construction of Sour water unit U9900 at OKTA refinery in Skopje
  • Revamp of uU400 isomerisation unit at OKTA refinery in Skopje
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Main office Korinthos site
Dodekanisou street 7 Agioi Theodoroi
54626, Thessaloniki, Greece 20003, Korinthos, Greece
Tel and fax : 2310555574 Tel and fax : 2741049717
Main office Korinthos site
Dodekanisou street 7 Agioi Theodoroi
54626, Thessaloniki, Greece 20003, Korinthos, Greece
Tel and fax : 2310555574 Tel and fax : 2741049717